Billions of Lithium batteries are shipped annually

They present a real and growing risk

Now you can mitigate that risk with automatic detection

This is your opportunity to upgrade your HI-SCAN 100100V-2is and 100100T-2is cargo screening systems to automatically detect lithium batteries. It will take just 30 minutes on-site for Smiths Detection to deliver the technology which can mitigate the very real threat from shipments of undeclared goods with the potential to ignite whilst airborne.

Lithium batteries are the chosen power source for a host of electronic devices and, given the short life-cycle of these items, their use will continue to grow – along with the risk.

The safety and operational benefits of the Lithium Battery Detection Kit are clear:

  • Accurate, reliable & powerful detection
  • Reveals undeclared batteries
  • Helps protect people, assets and reputations
  • Invaluable support for security operators and customs officers
  • Does not affect overall image evaluation speed
  • Little or no training required
  • Cost-effective kit for new machines or on-site upgrades
  • Supports IATA’s guidelines on shipping Dangerous Goods



Lithium batteries are known to be volatile and have caused severe damage in the past.

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