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The arrival of CT (Computed Tomography) at the passenger checkpoint is a milestone development with regulators pushing for its deployment in order to improve security levels - but exactly what is it and what can it do for you?


CT technology delivers more precise detection today and offers the potential to identify a huge range of prohibited items in the future.


Greater screening efficiency enables fewer staff to cope with growing passenger numbers and increases productivity – in turn lowering the cost per head.

Passenger Experience

CT technology streamlines the screening process - shorter queues and a less stressful experience are sure to please the travelling public.


Automatic detection of explosives and threat liquids, plus the sheer volume of images generated, supports highly accurate detection and facilitates operator judgements. ECAC EDS CB C3 approval
underlines the enhanced levels of security.

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Leaving electronics and liquids in hand luggage means a faster, easier divest and fewer trays to handle. Belt speed, central screening and uninterrupted image processing also help to keep things moving and significantly improve throughput.

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Investment in existing lanes is protected by compatibility. Universal interfaces make it simple to exchange X-ray scanners for the new CT technology and integrate it into most tray return systems on the market.

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